The story of Shoko and Shoya, and of all of the people that surrounded them, as shown in A Silent Voice: The Movie ends with the two of them going on a date to the High School Summer Festival. However, the story continues in the Silent Voice manga. Below is a recap of what happened from the time that the movie ends, to when the manga ends.

Sequence of The Epilogue


Begins with the events that begin to unfold the day after Shoko and Shoya attended the Summer Festival. The group of friends produce a short movie, with Nagatsuka as the director, but it flops. Shoko and Shoya's unique relationship continues to evolve during the weeks and months to follow. Ends with the two of them discussing what their plans are going to be for the future.

The Alternate Conclusion to A Silent Voice: The Movie

( As told by the manga Koe no Katachi ( A Silent Voice ). The Movie ends at the end of Chapter 57 of the manga. This Epilogue begins with Chapter 58 of the manga, and reviews to the last chapter of the manga, Chapter 61. )

Nagatsuka has always wanted to become a Hollywood style director and/or producer. Eventually, he was able to convince the small group of friends to star in a short, black and white film that he would direct and produce. This they agree to do, although the project will have to be done on a limited time and budget because many in the group are busy with other activities. Finally, the short movie is done, and Nagatsuka submits it to a local artistic competition, to be premiered, viewed and judged by a panel of movie critics. On the Sunday after the Summer Festival, Nagatsuka's movie is shown, but with much to be desired. The chair of the judges panel calls Nagatsuka up on stage, and then proceeds to rip the movie to shreds as a piece of trash ! Nagatsuka is devastated, with the friends who helped create the movie arguing among themselves wither or not the project was good or bad. Finally, Shoya declares that the movie was the best that everyone could do under the circumstances, and treats everyone to dinner in a nice resturant.

Likewise, Miyoko has always wanted to be a fashion designer and model. Now that she has grown tall and thin, she is able to, along with Naoko, style and create her own fashion line of clothes, star in her own fashion show, and help do modeling on the runway of her own clothing collection. A couple or so weeks after the school festival, her dream comes true during a Saturday evening. Many of the group, including Shoko and Shoya, attend her evening fashion show. Afterwards, Miyoko reveals, much to the surprise of Naoko, that the both of them are going to Toyko to be present when the fashion talent search awards are announced. Sure enough, they both leave that very evening. Next day, Shoya questions Shoko as to what she wants to do with her life. Shoko is reluctant to confide to him as to what she would like to do, but eventually does so. She wants to learn hair cutting and styling, exactly what Shoya's mom does ! Furthermore, Shoko has been invited to understudy at a famous beauty salon in Tokyo, managed by a hearing impaired person, to boot ! Shoya is against the idea, strongly tells Shoko, but then asks Yuzuru for input. However, Yuzuru is fine with Shoko going. That evening Shoya runs it by his mom, who is fine with Shoko going, too. Then Shoya gets a text message from Miyoko, saying that she won the talent search, with Naoko and herself receiving the cash prize and two scholarships to attend a University that has a fashion design degree !

In the next few days, Shoya is still bedeviled about Shoko going to Tokyo for a whole year. But Shoko herself is not so sure, as she texts Shoya saying that she can learn hair styling locally, and does not need to go to Tokyo. The little group meets up one day, and take turns speculating on what they all want to do after graduation from high school. Later, once again Shoya talks things over with Yuzuru, and finds out that Shoko, indeed, has decided not to go to Tokyo, but to stay around locally to help the family. In a unexpected about-face, Shoya now tells Shoko to go to Tokyo, with Shoko returning the though that Shoya must decide what he wants to do. But being the loser that he has always been, what will he do ?

As it turns out, Mrs. Nishimiya makes the decision about what Shoko is going to do---Shoko will go to Tokyo and become an understudy, but for a beautician's license, and not that of a hairdresser.

One day Shoya returns from school, only to find a female sleeping in his meager upstairs bed. Thinking it to be his older sister, he rips the covers off, and promptly gets the shock of his life. The sleeping female is Naoko ! But Naoko just wants to talk, not do the other thing people do in bed ! She adds her advice to that of Shoya's mom and his friends---that he should go to Tokyo with Shoko, and be there for her as she struggles with learning a new profession. Shoya counters with the thought that he stay at home and learn small business management, so that he can take over his mom's home business someday. Naoko, in her usual blunt, abrasive way, points out three things that Shoya needs to know---

One---Shoko, in her heart, wants to be a hairdresser and stylist, not a beautician !

Two---Kazuki Shimada and Keisuke Hirose were the ones who fished you out of the water the night that you fell from the balcony. They followed you that night to play a cruel practical joke on you. But they then told me to never tell you it was them, because they both had already cut all ties to you. And you know, I wanted to do the same ! That is why it was me that wrote all those awful things on your desk, way back then. I also tormented Shoko almost as much as you did, only I did it behind the scenes ! I AM SORRY FOR ALL THAT NOW ! Nevertheless, I still do not like Shoko, because to this day she has always been a rival to me for your interest and affection, and a very successful one at that * . Surprisingly, Shoya tells Naoko that she is fine the way she is, at least by him. This causes Naoko to burst into tears, and to turn tail and run away. Shoya shouts after her to tell him what the third thing was ?

Three---" Use your brain for once, YOU IDIOT !!! "

( * implied by the story line )

Next day is the day that Shoko feeds the koi fish, and Shoya meets her at the bridge. He tells her that he has decided to go to Tokyo with her, so that he can also learn to be a hair stylist. Shoko acknowledges his intentions, and wants both of them to do their best. All of the group of friends apply themselves over the next few months, and they all graduate from high school together. The week after graduation, Mrs. Nishimiya prepares, with the help of Shoya and Nagatsuka, to pack the mini-van so that she can transport Shoko to the student housing in Tokyo were she will be staying while she attends the beauty salon school. As the mini-van drives off, Shoko leans out the window and gives the 'friendship' sign to Shoya, to seal their love for one another, even though it may be a bit later that Shoya joins Shoko in studying and living in Tokyo * !

( * implied by the story line )

THE END of the Epilogue for A Silent Voice: The Movie


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