Shoya is making good on his promise to himself before he considers suicide again, that he would befriend Shoko, and make up for his bullying of her many years ago. One way that occurs to him, is that he can show repentance and redemption by helping Shoko reconnect with her classmates that avoided her when she was being bullied. He arranges to do so, but with mixed results, especially when they both come across Noako, the trouble maker. However, little by little, both Shoko and Shoya are rebuilding bridges that were burned years ago, both with themselves, and with their former and current classmates, and once again are enjoying the warm feelings of friendship among a close circle of friends, or so it seems . . . .

Sequence of Story Arc No. 6

Begins with Shoya agonizing over just what Shoko was trying to do the other day ( She was trying to do a Love Confession to Shoya in spoken Japanese instead of sign language, but the outcome was less than desirable. ), and Yuzuru suggesting that Shoya ask Shoko out on another date. The date turns into a small group attending the amusement park for one day. Most of the day's activities were a lot of fun for the group, but the day ended on a sour note. Naoko berates and strikes Shoko while both are on the Ferris Wheel, causing Shoko to begin to enter into a downward spiral of depression. Ends with the finish of the day at the amusement park, and Yuzuru and Shoya viewing the undercover video that was taken during the Ferris Wheel ride the next morning.

The Movie Continues

Next Tuesday, quite a little group of friends gather at the bridge where the koi carp are. Shoya is there, of course, but also there is Nagatsuka, Yuzuru, Miyoko, Miki, and the new friend, Satoshi, who wants to get closer to Shoya so as to be in a position to date Miki. Surprisingly missing is Shoko, who has a stomach ache. As greetings and introductions are passed around, Shoya and Yuzuru talk about what happened the other day. Shoya tells of the meeting with Shoko on the bridge, but he could not understand what she was trying to say. Yuzuru, who knows that Shoko tried to do a Love Confession, is now burning up with sweet delight in seeing Shoya sweat with this social dilemma. However, Yuzuru offers a sensible option as she fingers her camera---Why not ask Shoko out on another date, to see if she is still interested in you ? That evening, with the moon again shining brightly, Shoya sends a text to Shoko, asking her out on a date at the amusement park, along with a few other friends. Shoko is lying on her bed, and this time kicks her legs up and down with supreme joy and wondrous anticipation !


On the big day, the group of friends are already inside the amusement park. The group is loosely subdivided into---Shoko and Shoya on somewhat of a date together, Miki and Satoshi on a date together, Yuzuru as a chaporone for Shoko; Nagatsuka, Miyoko, and an uninvited guest. Miki wants to ride the Roller Coaster first, but attention is diverted to the uninvited guest, namely Naoko. Being the only one with a cartoon ' X ' on their face, Naoko is at a brief distance from the others, and seems to be holding both hands and arguing about something with Shoko . . . .

On the first ride, the Roller Coaster, everyone is seated and ready to climb the first incline. Miyoko and Shoya are in the first car, and Miyoko makes small talk before the screaming begins ! Afterwards, as the friends gather at the street-level exit of the roller coaster, Shoko is a little shaken and is being helped to walk, but is still in good spirits. Shoya signs to her to make sure that she is O.K. This impresses Miki and Satoshi, that Shoya now knows sign language. Nagatsuka has a streak of jealousy regarding friendship with Shoya, and becomes somewhat defensive. As the day progresses, the little group seems to be having much fun, as they continue to be together, and ride the rides together. Shoya even becomes somewhat nostalgic, as he remembers the fun things that he did with friends seemingly so long ago. And now being with Shoko and sharing the day with her, is like 'icing on the cake' !

Later, Naoko announces that she is hungry, and implores Shoya to take her to get takoyaki. He does so, but gets a jolt at who is manning the takoyaki stand. None other than Shimada, his old pal from sixth grade, and the one who abandoned Shoya for the bullying that Shoya did to Shoko. Shimada is polite but contrite, and scolds Naoko, who is looking on from a short distance away. Shoya turns away in horror and self-loathing, and Naoko begins following him, trying to play the innocent one who only wanted to reunite two old friends. Shoya and Naoko sit together on a low wall, as the group congregates a little distance away. Naoko digs in deeper by mentioning that the former friends would still be together ( supposedly ), if only Shoko had not come between them. Naoko then bluntly asks Shoya if he hates her because of that attitude. 'Probably' is his answer. Suddenly, Naoko pops up and announces that she wants to ride the Farris Wheel, but only with Shoko. As she runs off, suspicion and apprehension blankets the scene like a coming thick fog.

Naoko escorts Shoko to the Ferris Wheel, but not before Yuzuru, sensing something isn't kosher, puts her camera around Shoko's neck, uttering the meek excuse that herself wants to ride the roller coaster again. Shoya watches the Ferris Wheel car that the two girls are in slowly ascend to the top . . . .


Shoko and Naoko on the Ferris Wheel

Shoko and Naoko on the Ferris Wheel

Yuzuru and Shoya view a video of what happend between Naoko and Shoko on the Ferris Wheel

Next day, Yuzuru comes over to the Ishita home and business to see Shoya. They meet upstairs in Shoya's barren room. Yuzuru sets up the laptop that she has brought with her, to show Shoya something very interesting that occurred during yesterday at the amusement park ! Yuzuru, when she put her camera around Shoko's neck, actually had it turned on, and set to video record ! The contents of that video has now been uploaded to Yuzuru's laptop, and she has begun to play it for Shoya to see !

VIDEO FLASHBACK---Naoko begins by telling Shoko in no uncertain terms, " I HATE YOU ! " Naoko then recounts her warped understanding of what happened back in elementary school. It was supposedly all Shoko's fault that communication between the two was difficult, Naoko with perfect hearing, and Shoko as the deaf mute girl. Furthermore, Shoko added to the social awkwardness by apologizing all the time. That is why Naoko eventually distanced herself from Shoko, and joined in on the bullying. It was also, supposedly, Shoko's fault that the adults back then got involved in uncovering the bullying of her by so many of the classmates, especially by Shoya. That is how the tables got turned, and Shoya became the one bullied.

A now frightened Shoko, once again, apologizes to Naoko for what happen back then. Naoko declines Shoko's apology, and supposedly offers a 'cease-fire' between the two of them. Shoko bluntly states that she never did hate Naoko, not then, not now ! Shoko states that she only hates herself ! ( This is the first indication that Shoko has been forced into a very serious downward spiral of her life, leading up to a life crisis. ) Naoko becomes furious at Shoko's responce, and standing up inside the car, strikes Shoko hard enough to knock her over in her seat. Naoko shouts that Shoko is acting just like she did five years ago ! And with that outburst, the car door is opened, and Naoko steps out of the car onto the ride platform, leaving Shoko lying sideways on the seat, dazed and confused. (#)

The video comes to an end. Yuzuru asks Shoya what he thinks of what he has just seen ? Shoya's only reply is that Shoko needs to understand the necessity of liking herself, regardless of what others think, say, or do.


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